Programs and Services are designed to provide comprehensive year-round afterschool and summer enrichment program curricula for school-age youth (K-12) to promote and increase mastery of academic skills, knowledge and content of core academic subjects; provide enrichment educational opportunities and activities that


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Some of the projects managed by the MID CITY GLOBAL LLC Educational Enrichment staff include:

Kindergarten Year-round afterschool FACTS - Out-of-school time program providing extra support for academic success and a wide variety of enrichment and recreation activities to broaden students' experiences. Elementary & Secondary Education Act


Our academic intervention teachers took on the additional role of teaching students identified as needing enrichment in grades 3 to 5. Teaching two groups of children on opposite ends of the academic spectrum was an important learning experience.

We knew that the remediation we provided was an invaluable way for some students to strengthen their skills and workshop for leadership training that, in many cases, it was mandated by state regulations. We regularly collected lots of observational notes and data on each student.

Academic support includes: homework help; mastery of core academic subjects; technology; access to post-secondary college and career opportunities. Educational enrichment includes activities that promote and develop health and nutrition; develop leadership and decision-making skills; critical thinking and analytical skills, service learning projects, jobs-skills training; fun and enriching provide positive adult relationships/mentoring; free youth work courses; trips; service learning projects; jobs-skills training and special events.


MID CITY GLOBAL LLC offers a variety of arts and cultural events, institutions, cultural enrichment activities and programs aimed at promoting a sense of community identity and providing education and information about the city’s heritage. Art and cultural activities, such as music, theater and dance provide alternatives to traditional outdoor recreational activities and create a positive social environment.

These opportunities provide diverse cultural experiences to students as well as visitors by celebrating local traditions and heritage in creative and inspiring ways by building connections. Additionally, arts and culture are also a competitive tool, strengthening many elements of civic life, including the economy, workforce development, education, youth development, neighborhood development, redevelopment projects, and sustainability.

To include both performing and visual arts. Performing arts to include music, dance, drama and theatre.

Visual arts to include: drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, clay, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking, and art exhibits, and field trip to cultural arts museums and events.


Physical activity is hugely important for everyone, and children with physical disabilities are no exception. Unfortunately, children with disabilities are less active than their able-bodied peers and therefore encouraging their participation in sporting and recreational activities is vital.

Age-level group and sports activities for students include: basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, physical fitness and education; game room activities; tournaments and special events.


Families and Community Together (FACT) plays a vital role in situations that warrant the wraparound care management approach to assist a child's progress to a successful outcome.

Collaboration and partnerships with community agencies, businesses and other entities to promote and provide positive and nurturing activities designed to strengthen the family unit. Also provide activities and workshops designed to educate, inform and empower families, individuals, and senior citizens.

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