MCGI 's Core Program keeps youth off the streets by engaging 250 high risk minority youth in daily structure after-school alternative programs, weekend field trips (Including Camping) and a seven-week summer community service project.
MID CITY GLOBAL LLC discourages gang movement by offering youth positive examples and elective social club arrangements, youth organizations, and authority improvement.
MID CITY GLOBAL LLC forestalls/prevents chemical substance reliance in youth by expanding youth opportunities for success and building confidence through scholastic rivalries, parent-kid exercises, sporting excursions, directing and an all-teen support group.
MCGI helps prevent teen pregnancy by offering manhood development seminars, primarily focused on sexuality and human growth, providing adult role models, health services from agency’s adolescence clinic, and personalized goal attainment plans.
MID CITY GLOBAL LLC assists youth with turning out to be gainful individuals from the labor force by furnishing high risk youth with career awareness activities, including Career Awareness Month, job fairs, information and referral services, youth enterprises activities including a computer repair service and T-shirt production business, and summer community employment.
MID CITY GLOBAL LLC advances future employability by preventing drop-out and supports instructive accomplishment through guiding, instructional exercise administrations, and academic competition.
MCGI helps students stay enrolled and complete high school by offering a last chance to successfully engage youth in completing their education.
MCGI youth participants demonstrate higher rates of school attendance and graduation than similarly situated youth in the community.